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Driven By Us Club Event -24th June

Club Strategy Event at Motorsport UK

Driven By Us Club Event -24th June

At Driven By Us we recently held our first club event for members who had the opportunity to network collectively at the wonderful Motorsport UK.

They participated in a strategy session to form the shape and future of our club. Visions were shared across generational club members from grassroots to up coming drivers to industry engineers and media personnel working in motor sports.

Driven By Us has since gained club recognition from Motorsport UK being the first ethnic led club from over 700 associated with the UK governing body in which we’re members of the South East & West Midlands Motor Cub Regional Associations respectively.

Our primary focus is providing a dynamic platform that offers a range of events and programs centered around STEM, Media, Equality Diversity & Inclusion engaging schools in less affluent areas of the UK increasing accessibility into motor sports.

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