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AFBE Live 2024!

Strategic Partner at AFBE Live 2024!

AFBE Live 2024!

In 2022, Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE-UK) created AFBE Live24! in order to display the power of Engineering and Technology in solving the most complex technological challenges of the modern day.

AFBELive also provides a forum for engineers, technologists, students, politicians, industry leaders and experienced professionals to deep dive into the state of our sector and to discuss the role that a more diverse and Inclusive workforce might play in improving the sector’s ability to innovate.

This years theme was The Future of Engineering: Human Centric Solutions focusing on:

1️⃣ - AI and Ethical Implications: Use of data to drive ethical practices and culture change

2️⃣Labour Income Inequality: Growing gap between the rich and the poor, opportunities.

3️⃣Sustainability: Skills transfer and the Energy Transition

4️⃣Equity in the built environment: Ensuring that design, construction, operation, management, and regulation meets the needs of all communities.

5️⃣Company Culture and Inclusion: Including Mental Health and Psychological Safety

Once the event transitioned into the evenings dinner, we experienced incredible entertainment from YolanDa Brown OBE DL and Koye Adeniyi.

The event featured inspiring conversations, panels and fireside chats with speeches from June Sarpong OBE, Prof David O. insightful chat with Mavis Anagboso with an powerful closing speech by Lee Chambers.

Thank you to Dr Nike Folayan MBE (PhD, CEng., FIET) & Ollie Folayan MBE (PhD CEng FIChemE) for having Driven By Us as strategic partners of AFBE-Live 2024!

Congratulations to the organisation team; Titi Oliyide CEng MIET, Zainab Adigun, Akin A. Simon Desir and many more.


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