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AFBE x Driven By Us - Career Insights

AFBE X Ignite Programme - Career Insights By Driven By Us

AFBE X ignite Programme - Career Insights By Driven By Us

Stephanie Travers delivered a workshop session on career pathways as part of the AFBE X Ignite Program. They sought to highlight the various roles within the industry, from Apprenticeships to Media, Engineering to Marshalling featuring videos to showcasing real role models.

To accompany this they gave an overview of their own journeys into Motorsports linking to STEM sharing relatable experiences to the students.

AFBE Scotland works to promote higher achievement in engineering among people from under represented backgrounds.

Through support from Mission 44 as part of the Ignite programme, the aim is to create more opportunities for those who come from under-served communities to progress further in motorsport and STEM careers.

The day was a huge success, and a pleasure to be a part of - students got to explore behind the scenes of race weekend and it’s operations delivered by Graham Brunton Racing the most successful single-seater team in the UK.


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