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Driven By Us at Autosport International 2024

Autosport International 2024 with Driven By Us

Driven By Us at Autosport International 2024!

First public event being visable in championing a diverse & inclusive industry for ethnic minorities showcasing talent within with our unique organisation!

An extremely productive exhibition speaking with other organisations, businesses, colleague, friends and fans of motorsports. In meeting people within the motorsport business and students, our aim was to enlighten them about our mission within the community.

Huge thanks to our team, members & Royal Academy of Engineering Msc Scholars for volunteering there time on our stand which was full of interacting with trade & public.

PitBox91 for the opportunity and exposure participating in the Business Forum panel getting into motorsports & STEM with Bernie Collins, Jessica Runicles & Charlotte Sefton and our very own Stephanie Alexander.


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