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Driven By Us at Uxbridge High School's Career Fair with Aston Martin

Uxbridge High School Career Fair

Driven By Us attended the Career Fair at Uxbridge High School, represented by DBU members Laila & Carlson.

During the career fair, students were provided with insights and advice pertaining to careers in the industry. Both Laila and Carlson felt privileged to be able to hear and discuss students ambitions and goals with them, and see what the next generation have to offer.

In attendance were Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, represented by Matthew Randall, Head of Software Development and Integration. Students at the school were given the opportunity to take a look at the type of cars they could potentially be working on in the future.

Thank you to Matthew for coming along and to Uxbridge High School for having us. Driven By Us is committed to supporting the next generation of talent.


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