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Driven By Us x Motorsport UK’s Race for Diversity

Motorsport UK -R4D Program Day

Driven By Us delivered an activation part of Motorsport UK’s Race for Diversity initiative targeting at student in Year 9 from underrepresented groups from South West London.

Our workshop led by F1, Formula E & Sport presenter Cayana Freeman focused on design and sustainability in which students identify with the SDG’s creating a unique helmet design, car livery and a race team. 

Throughout the day we engaged with 50 students across 5 schools giving an insight self identification giving confidence in being creative and presenting alongside an overview roles within Motorsport and Careers that can be sourced based on the workshop activity in Art & Graphic Design

Race for Diversity is an initiative run by Motorsport UK supported by Mission 44 It aims to increase awareness and subsequently participation of people from racially diverse and under-privileged backgrounds within the motorsport industry by creating and strengthening pathways to and within UK motorsport. 


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