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Driver Academy @ Round 2: GKL

GKL: Round 2 @ Hooton Park

If there is one word that defines the performance of the DBU academy at Global Karting League:UK Round 2 at Hooton Park this weekend it is Potentiality.

Sienna, Nathan and Aaron were very impressive this weekend as they were consistent in improving their lap times every session, from the first practice session in the morning, up until and including the final.

Both Sienna and Nathan were new to the Hooton Park track and were 7 tenths and 2 tenths off the best time set in the final round which is really impressive and underscores the potential of these two drivers.

Aaron has more experience on this track and had the fastest lap of the final round, meaning all 3 DBU drivers that raced this weekend, were in the top 8 of drivers when looked through the lens of the best lap set in the A final.

Congratulations to Sienna for being 4th in the B final, and to Nathan for finishing 4th overall, and to Aaron for his 3rd place podium position. We are really looking forward to seeing what happens at Clay Pigeon.

Well done again to the DBU academy drivers.


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