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Festival of Culture – Broadoak Academy

Festival of Culture Showcase in Weston

Driven By Us supporting the Festival Of Culture

Written By Olivia Eyeson

Driven By Us were invited to the Broadoak Academy Festival of Culture to showcase their community engagement activity intended for students with limited knowledge and access to motorsports.

This followed STEM career talks and interactive sessions that James had previously provided to 4 local schools voluntarily. 

James attended and helped students aged 8- 16 to gain a better understanding of RC cars. Some younger enthusiasts were able to learn about and drive the RC car around our track. The 1:10 scale models used were adjustable in terms of their tyre specification, front and rear spring. The track had two surface conditions allowing the students to learn about how friction affects the performance of a car.

It was deemed a successful community day with the School Principal thanking James for providing a valuable base level motorsport activity and information surrounding the sector.

Interviews conducted were used by The-Leap in Bradford ,a Mission 44 partner, to deliver programs to the community. James ,with his extensive industry experience, was able to provide a background of organisations he has worked with in the local areas of Leeds and Bradford. This included United Autosport led by Zak Brown ,now CEO of McLaren Racing Limited.


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