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Mulberry Aspirational Career Fair x DBU

Mulberry Trust Career Fair

Driven By Us attended the Mulberry Schools Trust Inspiration Aspiration Careers Fair with Engineers Aisha & Asha

Engaging with a whopping 1700 students from Year 7 to Year 13; we delved into the exhilarating helmet and race car design challenge, sparking creativity and innovation with 100 students from all levels participating!

With help from the surrounding career fair teachers a winner was selected as, Adidas Racing claimed top prize, earning the coveted The Topps Company F1 Chrome pack, with Team Horizon securing the runner-up position, just in time for the Formula 1 Miami.

After the career day we got an insight tour of the STEM Academy workshop and had insightful discussions with the STEM Academy students & teachers on improving their GreenPower MotorF24 racer fueled excitement for future projects which we’ll proudly supporting

By sharing our personal journeys, we aimed to inspire and empower the students, igniting their passion for engineering and innovation. It was a day filled with enthusiasm and learning!

We look forward to being back in person again over the next few months.


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