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Driver Academy


Diversity of drivers is lacking in the UK Motorsport industry and globally mainly due to the excessive cost of participating.

With self-funding and sponsorship being the main method of financing a career in Motorsport, coupled with a lack of a transparent talent identification programme, drivers from diverse backgrounds are highly unlikely to make a career in the sport.

Driver Talent Identification 

Grassroots Karting


Driven By Us Introduction to Karting modules is aimed at the entry level diverse drivers in partnership with Teamsport. Driven By Us aims to introduce students to the basics of karting and how it can serve as a stepping stone to a career as a professional racing driver and STEM based careers. This package is for education only as parents will be expected to pick up costs for grassroots karting.



Competitive Karting

In partnership with Rob Smedley's Global Karting League to start their career in sustainable driving. GKL offer STEM training as standard as part of their package.  Driven By Us aims to provide “See It, Be It” based optional modules to diverse drivers as part of this package





The Mensah Racing Driven By Us team, is an eSports Sim Racing team aiming to make the grid more inclusive and diverse. We participated in the ROKiT British F4 eSports Championship hosted by Motorsport UK in October 2022 and October 2023 and achieved some promising results including a podium at Silverstone. The team will be competing in the British F4 eSports race hosted by Motorsport U.K in 2024 and will be supported by the Driven By Us community.




Talented Driver

Aimed at talented diverse drivers that have been assessed and recommended by Rob Smedley’s Global Karting League and Driven By Us.   At this stage,  the driver is ready to start their Motorsport career in sustainable racing and the Partner Sponsor will be sponsoring a Formula E team.




A competency-based pathway (with all testing required) for the diverse driver will be negotiated as part of the rights package through the teams chosen Driver Academy.


Driven by Us currently has 45 competitive diverse drivers on its books.

Contact: Francis Mensah 


Mobile: +447890793930

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