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Race With Respect

What Is Race with Respect? 


The National Governing Body’s Respect Code champions a high standard of behaviour from everyone within the motorsport community underpinned by our commitment to make motorsport an inclusive and safe sport for everyone, across all levels of motorsport.


The Respect Code will help to grow and strengthen the sport by making it accessible and welcoming for everyone and we cannot stress enough how important it is that it is embraced by all participants. Ultimately Motorsport UK will deal with cases of disrespect, however Clubs and Championships have an integral role to play in the positive enforcement of the Respect Code and subsequently in dealing with poor behaviour in the initial phases. The range of actions that can be taken in response to deliberately disrespectful behaviour start with helping the individual understand why their behaviour is below the standard expected and can be escalated as needed.


A recorded verbal warning will be the basic level of penalty and in extreme cases disqualification from the Club or Championship and also onward referral to Motorsport UK. It is important that we have a meaningful process for handling and where appropriate, penalising breaches of the Code. This in no way replaces the usual judicial process and is set apart from that. However, it may need to be considered in parallel to that process if the behaviour is, for example, deemed disrespectful, whilst appreciating that on event incidents can and will occur.


Utilising this campaign we can educate, engage and support the community in situations where needed. Although Motorsport UK will not hesitate to hold people accountable for their behaviour where necessary. Whether you are a Competitor, Parent, Official, Marshal, Team Manager, Mechanic, Spectator or any other participant in the Event it is incumbent on us all to Respect our fellow participant and to ‘call out’ poor standards of behaviour.

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