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Driven By Us' Motorsport UK Club 

About Driven By Us Club

Our Driven By Us club was officially recongised by Motorsport UK in April 2023 ,after a year of building in the background, to provide a safe space for minority groups working within the motorsport industry. We aimed to provide support and advice to those already in the industry, as well those seeking a career within motorsport. 


Driven By Us' mission is to empower aspiring leaders by actively engaging the community and influencing perceptions in the industry. Our focus as an organisation is to empower ethnic minorities and underrepresented groups within the workplace as well as the wider motorsport community.


Club  Aims:


To watch over the interests of Members

To further interest in motoring and motor sport for allies of ethnic minorities, ethnic minorities and females.


To provide members (“Members”) with information, advice and assistance on matters connected with motorsport.

To arrange talks, tours, lectures, and engage with members through social gatherings and other meetings within the community and less affluent areas of the UK based on government index and overseas where applicable.


To observe the local administration of the laws and regulations affecting motoring and motor vehicles, and to report any proposed local action or scheme to Motorsport UK


To arrange motor sports events and other meetings such as social meet ups. STEM, Media & EDI outreach programs in educational systems revolving around Motorsports – Club members can support organsitational program as volunteers on event.


To provide Members with such benefits and privileges as it may be possible to  arrange on their behalf.


To conduct & support live motorsport activities independently or in partnership with collaboration in forms such as sports car racing, electric racing/karting, streetcar on closed roads or spaces with local authority approval.


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