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Accelerating Inclusion Program

Our first Accelerating Inclusion Program in partnership with Rio Ferdinand Foundation

Driven By Us' - Accelerating Inclusion Program

In November we completed our first Accelerating Inclusion Program in partnership with Rio Ferdinand Foundation opening doors for 50 students from 5 schools from ethnic diverse or underrepresented groups with a demographic background from areas across London from Peckham, Lambeth, Brixton, typically limited access to motorsports. Our activation was all about empowering future leaders with students at the key stages of education aged 13-18 years.


As an organisation we delivered our STEM & Media activities which increased knowledge and accessibility into automotive and motorsports, delivered by real industry role models actively making a difference now, through our Driven By Us club volunteers hosted at TeamSport London Docklands.


Hosted by Stephanie Wentworth, a talented motorsports presenter who is working with Formula One. Students were able to learn the principles of engineering starting off with knowledge about vehicle setup and configurations through RC cars, career pathways into the industry delivered by those working in motorsports. A focus on design and sustainability as students designed their racing driver helmet and car livery.

They also got an introduction to robotics and programing via collaborators CreativeHUT and finally students were able to put their learning from the day into karting on track.. Our volunteers from our club supported in delivering each activity in pairs in a unique setup that maximised engagement for the students and encouraged enjoyment with flowing questions throughout the day.


We were fortunate to have coverage from Sky Sports who spoke to Vice Chair – Jahee Campbell Brennan about the work we’ve embarked on since our inception earlier in the year.


Check our his interview and article here  -,groups%20into%20careers%20in%20motorsport.


CreativeHUT article -


Thanks to our partners and those who made this happen!

We look forward to further programs in 2024 with more exciting announcements!  



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