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DBU support Wavey Dynamics in Race for Diversity Pilot

Race For Diversity - MSUK Pilot Program by Wavey Dynamics

Race For Diversity - MSUK Pilot Program

Written By Olivia Eyeson

James from Driven By Us formed a 1/6 team to deliver an activation for Motorsport UK part of their “Race for Diversity” pilot program held at TeamSport London & Manchester. The project between Motorsport UK and Mission 44 formed some research associated with the Ignite program.

The objective was to undertake research to identify the most effective ways of creating equality of opportunity for racially under-represented groups in motorsport.

They were asked to deliver an activation to groups of children at year 7 (ages 11-12) and year 9 (ages 13-14) to understand the kids of activities which are most effective in generating inspiration and engagement with STEM through the platform of motorsport.

The team of industry experts together, we formed a group of engineers, teachers and D&I specialists to design the concept, which was a simulated race weekend in which engineers and technicians work together to configure the car to the best setup for performance and drivability.

Remote Control (RC) cars at a certain level are essentially just miniature cars, with the same oil filled dampers, double wishbone suspension, tyres and steering systems that we see on the race cars we work with, led by Jahee from Wavey Dynamics 

Being able to observe tangible changes in the dynamics and relate them back to the same scientific concepts they learn in their physics and chemistry classes was a great activity.

Full Team for Wavey Dynamics:

Jahee Campbell-Brennan

George Imafidon

James Dornor

Evelkah Powell

Carla Adebekun

Yohanes Scarlett


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