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Driven By Us Academy compete at Daytona 3 Hours Endurance

Daytona 3 Hours Endurance Race for Academy Drivers

Daytona 3 Hours Endurance - Partnership Showcase

Written By Olivia Eyeson

P4 in the Daytona MK Endurance

The 30th July held the first endurance outing for the Driven By Us Academy members at Daytona Milton Keynes.

The team of 6 may have started 7th but by the end of the first stint Jotham had got the team up to 4th place. Aaron then took over the wheel and went out second on a full tank of fuel, he managed an impressive stint to keep the team in the running.

Donnell went out for a longer stint next and managed to keep us in fourth. Then it was Shau’s turn to go out ,this time on low fuel, and despite being 20kg over the weight limit he had an impressive  stint where he kept up the pace.

David Manuwa managed to set our personal best for the race ,a 78.413, on maximum fuel load. Nathan completed the race despite the change from dry to wet conditions, posting an incredible lap time of 78.6 in difficult conditions. They finished just behind 3rd place after a yellow flag prevented  Nathan from overtaking and finishing on the podium.

It was a great result for the Academy team, especially as it was many of the drivers’ first time at the track. We want to give a huge thanks to our Driver Academy Manager Francis who ensured the weight limits strategy was perfect despite the lightest driver needing an additional 29 kg weight and the heaviest driver being 20kg overweight.

This outing will form a partnership with Daytona UK and the local schools. This will help increase accessibility through Driven By Us and the community programs.


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