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Las Vegas Activation - STEM & Career Talks

Our first overseas STEM Outreach activations in collaboration with F1 Las Vegas

Las Vegas - STEM Outreach Activation

Leading upto Las Vegas Grand Prix, Inc.

Driven By Us held an exclusive activation showcasing and exploring the world of eSports in collaboration with Game Nest Simulators.

30 students from the local community had the opportunity to learn about the world of eSport that including an insight delivered by Red Bull Racing eSports Ambassador Ashley Kalita.

Our all-female led team of Asha Earle, Carol Glenn & Tonya Hampton ran a Sim Racing Challenge shoot out, using SEGAWorld’s - FUJI circuit, a tribute to old F1 circuits as we celebrate the return of Vegas after 40 years. ⁣

Our STEM module was a creative design and sustainability focus as well as an insight into the various roles in the motorsport industry delivered by the team. ⁣

Gifts were given out thanks to Las Vegas Grand Prix, Inc. whom we are community partners with for the duration of the event.

We’re extremely grateful to have delivered our first activation overseas impacting and inspiring the next generation, we aim to nurture and support community through Driven By Us through allyship and relatable role models. ⁣

Career talks at Somerset Academy of Las Vegas - North Las Vegas Campus Centennial Parkway in front of 300 students showcasing roles within motorsports delivered by Asha & Carol provided a wide insight into their career journeys outlining how to stand out and seize your opportunity within the industry, they also highlighted the different routes into motorsports through volunteering and networking with the motorsport community.

Driven By Us provided an in-depth discussion group to 10 females with Las Vegas Grand Prix, Inc. gift bags given out.


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